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im having issues accessing all of my ram. i have two 2gig sticks but shows availaible 2.99? can someone advise?

im some what green so please be patient. I have an intel(R) core(TM) i5 cpu 650 @ 3.20GHZ 3.19GHZ. I googled this and as far as I can see it can hold up too 16 gigs of ram. I in fact have two 2 gig Kingston ram sticks but it has availed at 2.99gig. I put the stick in slot 1 blue and slot 2 blue = 2 gigs. I put the stick in slot 1 black and slot two black = 2 gig, slot 1 blue and slot 2 black= 2.99gig. why is it only allowing me to use 2.99 out of my 4 gigs?

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