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inexpensive Intel motherboard that will support Q8300 64 Bit


I'm trying to build a computer on a shoestring budget that I can install MS Small Business Server 2011 Standard Edition on. I already have an Intel Q8300 Quad Core Processor so I'm looking for a board that will support this processor (LGA775) and will also support 32GB of RAM and a 64 Bit OS. I know that none of the current Intel boards do this but does anybody know of a model that would support these requirements?

Thanks in advance

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Please keep in mind that most of the Intel(R) Desktop Boards that are part of the LGA775 architecture are discontinued already and have reached its End of Interactive Support status. These units are only validated for desktop edition operating systems so no drivers would be available for server editions operating systems.

Furthermore, they were designed to support up to 8 GB memory (depending on motherboard model).