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intel DZ68DB Not Detect Any Pci-E Graphic Card

Hi, Sir

my new Mobo Intel DZ68DB Board problame is computer is star but no video signal Even i install pcie Graphic Card & On Motherboard Green Standby LED Light Turn on please guid Me with images how to solve this issue or please give us pdf guid plz! Help Me As Soon As Possible Thanks!


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Re: intel DZ68DB Not Detect Any Pci-E Graphic Card

If the system is unable to boot, first thing you may want to do is:

- Make sure the memory is fully compatible with your processor: At the previous site you will be able to see what memory speeds are supported by the processor's memory controller. Voltage should be 1.5V (applies for all processor with a memory controller on them).

- Test power supply. Make sure it has enough power for the entire system configuration. Confirm it is providing the proper voltages and power to the system.

- Test the system out of the chassis on a non-conductive surface. This will discard grounding conflicts.

- Try booting up without memory installed, looking for 3 beeps as an indication of missing memory.

- If the system does not beep, please proceed to:

*Clear CMOS. Instructions can be found here:

*BIOS Recovery using the latest BIOS version available. Instructions can be found at:

- If the system does beep without memory, please test one memory stick at a time on each of the slots. Then start adding one memory module at a time, testing every possible memory configuration/

If this is still not addressing your issue, please clear CMOS and try the BIOS Recovery.

If none of these help, feel free to contact the Intel® Technical Department for further assistance. Contact phone numbers can be found at:

If your processor contains Intel® HD Graphics, please test always without the graphics card. If the issue is presented only when having the graphics card installed, please test a different one for troubleshooting purposes.

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