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intel board DZ77BH-55K doesn't show anything on screen how do i fix this

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when i have my jumper on 1 and 2 it turns on and all the fans spin the lights on the tower turn on and you can hear everything but nothing is shown on the monitor (i have intel visual bios) then i move the jumper to 2 and 3 and the bios pops up with maintenance mode written on the top so how do i make boot in normal mode

i have tried

taking the jumper out for a few secs then putting it in 2 and 3 for a few secs then putting it back in 1 and 2

taking the battery out and clearing the CMOS

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Hi Omeed,

What we can recommend to you is to go ahead and update the BIOS using the BIOS recovery method, following the instructions found here: Desktop Boards — Instructions for Recovery BIOS update

This is not a normal or common behavior, so if it is not resolved with the BIOS update, you may need to request a replacement for this motherboard you have.

Our contact center information is: Contact Intel