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Hey everybody,

So I just moved a bunch of my old parts to a new motherboard to get some extra pci slots and im having a few issues

my specs can be found here:

When I plug everything together and try turning it system on, I get 3 beeps-about 2 to 2.5 seconds break-3 beeps again. I don't get any display on the monitor. The motherboard shows an error code 20.

I'm completely confused as to what to do. Intel lists my i5-3550 as a compatible processor and im getting the same issue regardless of whether theres even a ram stick installed or not.

I would really appreciate your help, Thanks.

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Hi arongoodall,

6th Series boards were released prior 3rd gen Core™ processors; Intel launched a BIOS modification to recognize the processors.


Intel® Desktop Board DZ68BC with the AA# G30742-403 is fully prepare to recognize 3rd gen processors; if you have an older version it is necessary to update the BIOS with a 2sd gen processor.

0028 Download BIOS Update [BCZ6810H.86A]

0035 Download BIOS Update [BCZ6810H.86A]

3 beeps means the memory is not recognized by the board. I recommend you to do a test with minimum configuration, using motherboard, cpu, 1 memory stick, without dedicated graphics card, no Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive.

By the way, your power supply is 500W. It complies with the minimum requirements of your graphics card but it is better to use a power supply of 800W at least, it is necessary to meet the power requirements of RAM, SSD, processor and additional hardware.



Mike C

I actually mentioned this in a reply earlier, but it seems it got deleted.

I took my board in to a pc repair place and had them update to the newest BIOS they could which was version 0042.

I tried removing everything except the processor and only installing one ram stick and was getting the same issue.

Everything that I can find about the compatibility of both the board and the processor would have me believe that the ram i purchased is compatible but Its good to narrow down what the issue is

Also I didnt know that my psu might be giving me issues and ill definitely look into that as well. thanks

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First of all, what is being displayed is not an error code; it is a POST code - an indication of how far the BIOS has progressed in its POST (Power-On Self-Test) process. In your case, POST code 0x20 indicates that the BIOS is in the memory configuration phase. This, combined with the beep code, tells me that the memory is considered incompatible. You are going to have to test with replacement memory (perhaps only temporarily; at least until you determine exactly what is wrong).

Now, all that said, I have also seen situations previously where this same set of indicators is presented and yet the problem is actually with the video card. You have chosen a really recent video card and there is the possibility that this card is incompatible with this motherboard. I have seen situations where the video card does not provide support in its Video BIOS Op-ROM for legacy (read: non-UEFI) booting. I have also seen situations where the video card requires capabilities not supported by the motherboard in order to work properly (for example, requires PCIe 3.0 but this board only has PCIe 2.0 support). My suggestion is that you remove the video card and test using the on-board video capability. This will allow you to look specifically at the memory issue without the possibility of compatibility with the video card getting in the way.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the clarification, also I have tested it with everything taken out except for the cpu and ram sticks and I am receiving the same issue. I'll look into finding some suitable ram