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intel i5 3450 help


i am using i5 3450 lga 1155 board and gigabyte b75d3h board with 4 gb crosiar will you tell me how much SMSP watt i need..right now i m using 240watt smps..and my system get restart anytime so i need suggestion

This is SMPS i am using right now

and its better if you suggest me some smps


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I suggest that you do a web search for "power supply calculators", choose one and feed in all of your system's hardware. You didn't indicate what peripherals or graphics solution you were using, so I did a quick calculation using a reasonably-loaded system design. Even then, requirements came in well under what your supply provides. What does this mean? Either you have a failing power supply or, more likely, something else is responsible for this. Please provide a better explanation of your system, what you are seeing happen and what you do about it to get going again.



thanks for reply i will explain you in brief

from past 6 month i assamble my pc..i am graphic designer/3d artist so i need good system for work..i purchase

i5 3450 lga 1155 model..

gigabyte b75d3h model motherboared

4 gb corsaire ram

Wester didgital 500 gb HDD

and SMPS its iball company...

and i had geforce gt520 GPU (but now its broken)

now the main thing is when i purchased this SMPS they told me its 450 watt SMPS and support your gig..then after few weeks my system restart unconditionaly/anytime/without beep sound/

sometime its restart 3 or 4 times while bootup..

so i go to computer shop with this pb they told me may be some wire loose ..they fit all wire and pc work 2 days good the again restart pb happening..and coz of this restart pb i lost my GPU broken..

so yesterday i call to SMSP (iball company) customer care office and asked to them exactly power of SMSP they told me SMPS give 250watt ..and output is 230watt..not 450watt..

so right now i m using my pc without GPU but its still restart

so i need to know what exactly is pb

thanks a lot

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Well, I ran one of the calculators for you. It yields a minimum requirement of 229W - which your PSU provides - but it also recommended a 500W PSU. Remember, though, that these requirements will likely go up when you replace your graphics card; today's boards are much more power hungry. I would recommend that you look for a Bronze 80+ certified 500W PSU...

Now, all that said, your other information has me thinking that your problem is not the PSU. It sounds more like you have a component on the board that is failing under load. This could be a thermal issue (I have seen many failing parts that run ok when cold but fail when heated up. Consequently, I would recommend a motherboard replacement as well...


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I would add that there is always a possibility that it is not the motherboard itself, but some component - like memory DIMMs - that is plugged into it...