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migrating from intel atom D425KT to DH61WW


my current atom system died so i am building a new system with DH61WW & pentium G620 & don't want to reinstall windows 7 32bit at the moment.i have done research on this topic & came to a conclusion that either using microsoft DISM or paragon adaptive restore to add critical drivers during booting from old hard disk in new system should do the trick.however i like to keep it simple & according to some people you can simply connect old hard disk & then booting into safe mode & removing old drivers should do the trick question is this:is migration from atom D425KT to DH61WW possible just enough to successfully boot into safe mode without adding drivers?if yes then it will save me the unnecessary trouble.

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Hi whitestar_999,

This can be done and your new system can work but we cannot guarantee the correct functionality of the computer. My best recommendation is to do a clear format and set up the system with the correct drivers for your system.

This could take more time but I am pretty sure the system will be working as it should.