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  1. Yes, the motherboard worked fine previously
  2. INTEL CORE  I5 3.33GHZ
  3. The current RAM is  KINGSTON KVR13N9S8/4 4GB PC3. I am unsure whether we have used a different type previously.
  4. I have tried installing DOS. Currently I am trying Windows 10.
  5. BIOS VERSION TCIBX10H.86A.0048.2011.1206.1342
  6. I am trying to make the computer operational. I have tried the following:
  7. When starting the computer all OS versions get stuck.
  8. I tried several different hard drives.
  9. A DOS based system stop responding after startup.
  10. Windows XP could not finish the startup process and restarts.
  11. Windows 10 presents a message "preparing automatic repair" and restarts.

AlHill (Super User) posted a new reply in Intel® Desktop Boards on 10-18-2020 07:50 PM:

Re: motherboard

Did this board ever work?

What processor do you have?

Have you changed memory?  What is your memory configuration?

Are you serious about DOS?  What version of Windows?

What BIOS do you have?

Provide more detail about what it is you are doing?  Answer all my questions.

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