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my board dq77mk. windows will not boot if i have a external harddrive plugged in. i believe board to be suspect? help?


I have a intel dq77mk and for over a year now iv not been able to boot windows if I have my external harddrive plugged in. the drive is fine but the pc wont boot with any external drive in. I did a google search for fixes and tried all the suggestions iv found like usb legacy and boot orders but nothing works. im thinking of getting a new board but would like to try here first.

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Hello mikeinessex,

One additional step that you can try is disabling USB boot at all on BIOS so the system will not consider booting from USB because the reason why you may experience that is because the system detects the drive and checks if is a bootable device, which may cause that it gets stuck during that process. In order for you to do that you need to follow this steps:

  • Get in to the BIOS
  • Go to "Boot"
  • Search for the USB option and disable it
  • Press F10 to save changes
  • Get in to the BIOS again and get in to "Boot" again as well
  • Check on the boot devices if the external drive appears there (it should not appear)
  • Exit BIOS and let the system restart

Please let me know if the suggested workaround solved your problem.

Best regards,


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To better summarize, there are two possible reasons for this behavior:

  1. If the "Boot USB Devices First" option has been enabled, it will always have the problem. Disable this option.
  2. The boot order could place the external, non-bootable drive ahead of the HDD/SSD. Change the boot order to place the HDD/SSD ahead of the external drive.

Hope this helps...