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no boot, no beep aux power


Motherboard: Intel DX58SO with BIOS latest bios update (worked fine) AA e29331-701

CPU: Intel i7-920 (2.67GHz) no overclocking

RAM: Kingston 1066 DDR3 RAM (total 6GB)

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits

Video: nVidia GeForce 6600 on PCIe x16 slot

Hard Disks: 3x 1TB working hard drives

Optical Drives: 2x ATAPI DVD Rewritters

Fans: CPU + Video card fan + Case fans (aux, rear, side, bottom)

PSU: raidmax RX730ss 730watts

I had a nvidia gts250 1 GB graphics card and it stopped working. I tried a temporary working nVidia GeForce 6600 and 2 or 3 other cards I could find with different power ranges. Only cards that do not need the 6pin power connector works and only if I do not give power to the auxiliary power connecters (either the 4 pin molex or the sata one). One of the cards I tried is the nvidia gtx460 but the fans start and everything and no visual. If I connect a smaller card in the primary slot and the external powered one in the secondary pcie slot bios tells me it picks it up. Any advice or help?

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Have you tried the system with the minimum configuration possible removing the rest of peripherals possible, using just motherboard, power supply, video card, processor, Heat Sink/fan and one stick of memory?

Have you updated the firmware of the video cards tested too?

Did you test using another power supply?


thank you for the reply, I have managed to get it working by using the geforce 8400 gs and a trick I derived from a blog that suggests waiting for the motherboard to completely power down and the holding the power button switching it on and then releasing the power button after 2 seconds. I have to do this every time I start up the pc though. I have to say in the meantime I re updated the bios and reset cmos. I still can not get it to work with my geforce 6600 gt I think it has a dual gpu. the card works in another box but in mine there is still no visual even though all the lights turn on and the hard drives and there are no warning beeps or anything. with that card i have tried it with minimal components.

any suggestions?

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As always, be sure to be using the BIOS (as you mentioned you did).

BIOS version 5599

And be sure to update the firmware of the video card that you are having issues with. (To do this you need to check with your video card manufacturer)

You can also test with another power supply or check with your local support for a motherboard replacement. Further than this, there would be a compatibility problem with that video card/motherboard combination.


For one thing that Raidmax ain't PSU but pile of BS.

No even semimodern PSU has that voltage selection selection switch which tells that part of design expired in last millennium.

And only manufacturers using such stone age designs are ones making total and utter garbage with usually faked safety approvals.

Without available proper review with full tests and taking its insides apart I wouldn't expect it to be safely no better than maybe 250W and even that only as long as unreliable quality cheap Chinese capacitors work.

If it's as old as that PC then it's sure more than passed its designed time to blow up.

I would be happy if it just stops booting (its current state) instead of straight away blowing up and frying components of your PC or literally becoming fire bomb.