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raid0 - data recovery on system /w system disks which has no more raid infos

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2 systems do have this problem, one with an ICH10R and one with an ICH8R (intel).

due to an virus wich is present in the bios and writes on system disks (raid1). raid disks raid0 (data) are no longer shown in the raid-bios as an raid disk0.

as a result, data on disks raid0 are no longer readable under windows xp sp3.

can raid0 for these data disks be restored in the bios without initialize and delete the data on it. is there a different procedure for data recovery on data disks raid0.

need help


joachim rosenfeld

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The best thing OP did not do here is reinitialize the drives. For readers of this thread, the drives have to be removed from this system and rebuilt in a virtual environment.Obviously if you are not experienced with recoveries of this nature, you would want to consult a professional recovery company. However understanding the mindset of most techies, if you insist on doing it yourself, at least take the precautions found here Eight Deadly Sins of Do It Yourself RAID 5 Data Recovery into consideration. Good luck!