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upgrading z77 to Z170->will i lose my raid array???



I was a happy owner of a GA-Z170N-WIFI running 1 SSD for Windows7 OS + a Raid5 Array with 3x6TB just disks for datas which I just sold because it was time to upgrade to a GA-Z170N-WIFI motherboard, and now I'm worried to lose all my data stored in the 12GB volume of my Raid5 Array (of course i'm getting new cpu and DDR4 ram).

Are there any chances to lose my data? (I'm going to stick with Windows7 btw for now not interested in windows 8 or 10)

Do you think I will be able to have my data on the Raid5 Array recognized also by the new Z170 chipset or I might get in trouble with that?

I have already sold my GA-Z77N-WIFI motherboard together with the 3770K CPU and the 16GB DD3 RAM, plus there was no way I could backup 10TB of datas to any place, so please someone tell me there won't be any compatibility issues with the new chipset.



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In theory there should be no issues and your array will remain intact. Configure the new board for RAID (hint: make sure you this BEFORE you install an O/S) and use to enter the RAID Configuration Menu. You should be able to verify that the array is intact...



i have good news:

regarding the OS it didnt boot at first, in safe mode i was unable of installing the drivers of the new chipset because windows installer service was arrested, so i managed to boot in VGA mode and from there i could update all the drivers (chipset, lan, audio vga wifi bluetooth...)

regarding the RAID array i set RAID mode in BIOS then everything went ok, windows recognized the datas while it did the rebuilding that lasted a day or two