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Intel® Edge AI Certification FAQ & Support


Intel is offering the Edge AI Certification course to help you learn the latest Intel® developer tools and platforms to create your own portfolio of edge AI solutions.

Read this FAQ to get answers to most of your questions.


Where is my welcome email? 

It can take up to 2 hours to receive the certification welcome email. 

Where can I register for the certification program? 

You can register for the Edge AI Certification program by visiting the following page: 

Do I need to pay to register for the certification program? 

No, the registration for the certification program is free. Registering gives you access to all the materials provided by the program. Once you’ve completed the course, receiving a certificate for your work is optional and costs $99. 

What is the Intel® Developer Zone, and why am I being asked to register for it?  

The Intel Developer Zone (IDZ) is a hub for tools, resources, and support communities for developing on Intel hardware and software, including the Edge AI Certification Program. Your account gives you access to all these resources. 

What is Intel® DevCloud for the Edge? 

Intel DevCloud for the Edge is an online platform where you can develop, test, and run your workloads for free on a cluster of the latest Intel hardware and software. It includes integrated Intel optimized frameworks, tools, and libraries. DevCloud for the Edge is used in the certification program to host Jupyter Notebook tutorials in the learning paths on classification, object detection, and style transfer. To learn more about Intel® DevCloud for the Edge, visit 

Do I need to register for an Intel® DevCloud for the Edge account separately? 

No. The Intel account you used or created to sign up for the certification program gives you access to DevCloud. You will be able to open the Jupyter Notebook tutorials in the certification program from Intel Learning Network (ILN). Other questions about DevCloud can be answered at the following FAQ: 


Account Troubleshooting 

I forgot my Intel account username or password. 

You can reset your username and/or password from any page where you are asked to sign in to your Intel account. For example, you can go to, click the user icon in the navigation bar at the top right, and click the links under the sign in button on “Forgot your username or password?” 


Training & ILN Questions 

I do not see my required training. 

If you do not see required training materials in your dashboard, click here to ensure you are registered for all required training materials. 

What is Intel Learning Network (ILN)? 

Intel Learning Network is a platform for Intel software training and hosts the Edge AI Certification Program. Clicking on the links for the training requirements on the certification program dashboard will redirect you to ILN in order to complete them. 

How can I go back to review the lesson content while I’m taking an assessment or after I’ve taken an assessment? 

You can’t navigate through the lesson materials once you’ve started an assessment. If you would like to go through the material again to prepare for or retake the assessment, you can restart the lesson from the beginning. This will erase your progress in the assessment. In order to do this, refresh the open lesson page or open the lesson again from the ILN lesson overview page and click the “Restart” option. 

How many questions do I need to answer correctly to pass the assessment? 

You must answer 100% of the questions correctly in order to complete the lesson. 

How many attempts do I have to take the assessment? 

You have an unlimited number of attempts to complete each assessment. If you would like to review the material before retaking the assessment, you can refresh the assessment page to restart the lesson.  

If I restart a lesson after completing it and passing the assessment, will my progress be erased? 

No. You’re free to restart a lesson after completing it if you would like to review the material and your progress will not be erased. The course dashboard will still show the lesson as being passed. 

How do I get credit for my work in Jupyter Notebook? 

After completing the tutorial, there is a cell at the bottom of the notebook asking you to run it to get credit. After running this cell, the task’s status in ILN should update to “Passed” in several minutes. 

I have an issue with Jupyter Notebook. 

Jupyter Notebook’s documentation offers help for troubleshooting: What to do when things go wrong. The documentation also offers tutorials and examples of how to use Jupyter Notebook. 


Payment Questions 

How do I pay for the certification? 

You can pay for an Edge AI Certificate on the certification dashboard in the section titled “Application Processing Payment.” This will redirect you to the Intel Design-In Tools Store where you can complete your purchase. 

When can I pay for my certification? 

You can pay for your certification at any point after registering for the certification program, but you will only receive your certification badge after completing all the training requirements and accepting the terms and conditions for the program. If you have not completed either of these at the time of payment, your certification status displayed at the top of the dashboard will be shown as “pending” until both are completed. 

What kinds of payment are accepted? 

The Intel In-Design Store where your certification can be purchased takes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. 

Do I get to keep the points/chips if I do not pay to get certified?   

Yes, you receive points chips for completing learning paths and lessons in the certification program, both of which you can do without paying to get certified. 

Do I get a receipt for the payment of my certification? 

Yes, you should get a receipt in the email you provided to pay for your certification from the 


Intel Chips Questions 

What are Intel chips and how do I earn them? 

Intel Chips are earned throughout your learning journey. You can earn Intel Chips by completing lessons, quizzes, and other learning activities. Intel Chips will be available to redeem for rewards in the future.   

I’ve completed a lesson. Where are my Intel Chips? 

It can take up to 48 hours for your points to be reflected in your dashboard. 


Badge Retrieval / Certificate 

What are badges and how do I earn them? 

Badges are digital credentials that are used to signify completion of required training and knowledge assessments as well as proof of proficiency on the topic. Once you’ve earned your badge, it’s yours to keep! You can share it publicly or with employers on your LinkedIn, resume, CV, etc.  

What is Credly? 

Credly is a third-party digital credential company Intel uses to provide the certification badge for completing the Edge AI Certification Program. You will receive your certification badge after completing the program and paying for it in an email from Credly. 

Does my badge expire? 

The Edge AI Certification badge will expire after one year. You can re-earn your badge once completing your annual re-certification activities. 

How do I renew my badge? 

To renew your badge to your certification dashboard and review the renewal training requirements. 

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