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Opencl file containing channel calls is taking too long to compile on intel devcloud




I am compiling an Opencl file containing two kernels. For one value, kernel1 is the producer, and kernel2 is the consumer and for another value, kernel2 is the producer, and kernel1 is the consumer.

I tried to implement these producer-consumer relationships using channels (to avoid using global memory for inter kernel communication). 

When I tried to compile the opencl file using " devcloud_login -b S10PAC walltime=48:00:00 " ( is containg the compilation command: " aoc  -global-ring <file_name>.cl -o <file_name>.aocx -board=pac_s10_dc "), compilation process was not able to finish within 48 hrs with blocking channels and compilation process had abruptly stopped after 20-25 sec with non-blocking channels.

I have attached the screenshots of compilation warnings and errors in the form of the following two files:

warnings.png: containing the warnings generated during compilations (blocking and non-blocking channels both) 

errors.png: errors generated during compilation (with non-blocking channels)


I wonder why the compilation process is exceeding the allotted time for blocking channels, and on the other hand, it is generating errors after 20-30 seconds.


Thanks for the help!

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Thank you for posting in Intel Communities.

Since this is a duplicate thread of, we will no longer monitor this thread. We will continue addressing this issue in the other thread

Thank you.