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Storage quota on the Intel® AI DevCloud ran out


I am preparing jobs to run thousands of graphs dataset. I am using FPGA nodes that include Arria 10 FPGAs with the Intel Xeon Gold 6128 CPU.

The goal is to prepare many datapoints to use Machine Learning in an aspect of my framework. The problem is trying to download and prepare the data-set on the DevCloud nodes resulted in an email notification with the following


This is a courtesy notice that the following account is using over 90% of the storage quota on the Intel® AI DevCloud. To check your quota usage from a Linux terminal, run:

I have two problems: 

Problem 1: I can't find the binaries for  /usr/bin/getquota

(Can you please point me towards where the current binaries are for memory quota)

Problem 2: I need more storage quota to be able to fit the dataset and complete my runs.

(Can you point me towards who to contact to request more memory allocation)


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Hello Mohammed,

It seems that your problem has been resolved via email, but for posterity: instead of


just use


The executable has been moved to /usr/local/bin/getquota. We will adjust the message.

Best regards,


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