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Unable to load a file in Jupyter Notebooks



When attempting to load a .csv file through the "load" button on Jupyter notebooks, it does not work nor does it display an error message. I have attempted to restart the server & log out, and then log back in, but that has not worked as well.


Please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Access jupyter hub through the browser using the username and password

Navigate to

Username: <username>

Password: <your password>

2. Change to the specific directory and check the server is running

You can see the server status at top right corner

3. Upload the file using the button "upload"

       a)  Access the file from the directory

       b) Press the upload button again

       c) Make sure file uploaded successfully

4. Try to open the uploaded file

Click the file and check it.

If the above suggestions are not working, try using another web browser. For example : Chrome.

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