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Batch normalization: [Error 5] Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Neg




I am trying to use the batch normalization layer from tensorflow, but the mvNCCompile (NCSDK version 2.08.01) would not complete because it says: [Error 5] Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Neg.


I did look into why this happens and the batch normalize layer is actually split into the following nodes: batchnorm/add/y node.type= Const batchnorm/add node.type= Add batchnorm/Rsqrt node.type= Rsqrt batchnorm/mul node.type= Mul batchnorm/mul_1 node.type= Mul batchnorm/Neg node.type= Neg


Where the last one is indeed a Neg operation which, as far as I know, is simply a sign inversion of each value.


My concern is that it is said on the release page that the batch normalization layer should be supported.


Here is how I use the batch normalization layer, where conv is the previous layer, and means, variances and scales are the weights of the batch normalization layer, of type tf.Variable:


conv = tf.nn.batch_normalization( x=conv, mean=means, variance=variances, offset=None, scale=scales, variance_epsilon=1e-5 )


Any clue?


Thank you very much!
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