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Cannot find USB driver for Movidius MA2X5X under Win7-64



I just installed the openVINO toolkit on my win7-64 lenovo laptop. It works fine with the CPU/GPU mode. But I cannot make it work with the Movidus USB stick, because I am not able to find a suitable driver. After plugging in the Movidius stick I got an entry "Movidious MA2X5X" in the "Other Devices" folder (see screen shot).

The installation documentation give information for an Windosw USB driver but referes to some strange "VSC Loopback Device" (ok there may be differences between folder organisation of the English and German Windows version, but not that kind). Moreover the doc. refers to some strange HP-UDP-PCL6 driver, which, when googled, leads to some HP printers.

Any recomendations to this problem?

Regards Uwe


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