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DL Workbench + DevCloud = <3


It's here! We are finally going live, and we can't wait for you to try this - the OpenVINO and DevCloud teams joined forces and integrated the DL  Workbench from OpenVINO into the DevCloud for the Edge! Now, you could access the OpenVINO  DL Workbench in the DevCloud for the Edge, in a familiar Jupyter  Notebook experience. With this seamless integration, you could visualize and fine-tune models, then remotely deploy that model across a variety of Intel hardware (before even making the purchase)!

Interested? Register for FREE: 

We are going live on December 2 from 9-10 AM PT! Not available at that time? No problem! You could still register and then get access to the on-demand replay, so you could watch at any time.


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