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From a novice can anyone say what the bottle necks for real time video inference?

OK, I have been playing with almost every sample that was included with a Pi 3B+ and


2 Movidius compute sticks. My basic question is, how do you get better performance?


According to the CPU monitor the PI cpu is barely taxed.


Its at 18 to 20%. So what changes can be made to get you the most bang for your inference buck.


Another board with USB3 like the ODroid XU4? Or maybe the Intel Up Board?


Maybe a different model? Maybe image size?


I am currently running at 640x480 but think 1/2HD 960x540 would deliver better edges.


Is it because I am using Python? Is there a guide to Movidius 30fps inference?


Also notice how this person is walking and not being detected. Is that because of the physical size?


So far I have been able to track up to 30ft away with no real issue.
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