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NCS randomly stops working




Until this morning, my NCS was working fine. But, now when I use it, it randomly stops working after a while.


I'm using it on a raspberry pi with NCSDK v1 . Running a SSD_MobileNet graph over the web cam. It works for a while and then randomly stops (generally after ~100 frames).


It produces a read error when calling mvncGetResult (returns MVNC_TIMEOUT (-6)).


Any program that tries to reopen the device produces MVNC_ERROR (-2). If I unplug the NCS and then plug it in again, it runs normally for a while and the same issue occurs.


Has anyone had this happen before - and does anyone know how to fix it?


Things i've tried:



  • reboot

  • change usb port

  • change usb extension cable

  • Running basic program


Sofar, nothing has made a difference.

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Okay - I figured it out. I'm powering it off a battery and its cutting out due to low power (the pi is fine, but it breaks the stick).


Has anyone else used the NCS on battery power? If so, what batter did you use?


I'm using this battery:


And this board:


It works with both the charger and battery plugged in, but with just one, the stick dies.