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Openvino + Docker + FPGA (Mustang-F100-A10)


I have been able to install and use the FPGA with openvino with Ubuntu alone.

However, trying to install inside of a docker container has proven difficult. Is it possible to request a docker image be created by the Intel team responsible for the FPGA DX? This would unlock a lot of hassle of setup for folks trying to do quick setup and use FPGA bitstreams quickly.

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Dear Joseph 

I have configured Intel accelerator card with arria10 GX for Intel Open-vino toolkit, and also I have done Inference samples by using pre-compiled bitstreams on Hetero plugin FPGA+CPU, My question is If I am using the Intel accelerator card with arria10 GX with openvino:-

1 How can we generate bitstreams for other pre-trained models?

2 Which tools or software we need to generate bitstreams?

Thanx in advance, I hope we will guide me.