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Performance for NCS sticks not what I expected NCS 2 slower?

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I have been using the NCS 1 compute stick for some time now. I installed OpenVino version 2018 4.420 on my older i5 Ivy Bride 1.7ghz 6GB DDR3 memory laptop. The Demo Security Barrier Camera with no NCS sticks ran at 29ms ~ 34fps The vehicle detection time was 11.8 ms So I was looking forward to even better performance and much to my shock with one NCS2 and one NCS1 I got ~10 fps. Unbelievable, the CPU only version ran 300% faster. Total time was 95.57ms ~ 10fps The total vehicle detection time was 81.86 ms With just the NCS 1 plugged in the performance was a bit worse 107.28ms ~ 9fps Vehicle detection time was better 78.9ms ~ 12fps With just the NCS 2 plugged in the performance was a bit worse 107.8ms ~ 9fps Vehicle detection time was better 86.29ms ~ 11.7fps Proving newer is not always better? I am totally perplexed by the results. I expected the NCS 2 to outperform the NCS 1 because of the additional shave cores intead the NCS 2 performed worse. Intel any explanations? And why is my OLD i5 cpu performing 800% better with vehicle detection. Is there something wrong with the demo code and MYRIAD?
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Look at the videos on youtube, it seem that you are doing somehting wrong. People manage it to run it properly I am waiting for mine and i payed for 2 so i hope you are wrong :)

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