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Understading OpenVINO+OpenCV thread affinity in Hyper-Threaded systems



I'm doing some experiments with OpenVINO and OpenCV Stereo Matching algorithms ( My code is using the OpenCV 3.4.3 distribution from OpenVINO 2018 R3. I'm working on Windows 10 platform compiling with Visual Studio 2017 x64.

My CPU is a 7th gen Intel Core: 4 cores with HyperThreading enabled, so 8 logical cores.

While I'm pretty confident with OpenCV, I'm less prepared on OpenVINO and the way you "customize" the thread affinity of the process. I have some questions:

- OpenCV matching algorithms use parallel computing (I see it while running since they runs on all 8 cores), is OpenMP involved here?
- My goal is to tell the program to parallelize using only cores 1,3,5,7 (so "half" of all hyper-threaded cores). Should I use a combination of OMP_PROC_BIND, OMP_NUM_THREADS (I would set it to 4), OMP_PLACES environment vars?
What could be the correct setup? example:

  • OMP_PROC_BIND=true
  • OMP_PLACES={1,3,5,7}

- Are these environment vars used at compile time, or run time? In other words, can I test the different configurations without recompiling the program?

Thanks for the support

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Dear afdl,

you are using an ancient version of OpenVino - the product has vastly improved since OpenVINO 2018 R3 ! Please upgrade to the latest, just released this week - 2019 R1. I believe this blog article will answer many of your questions !

And what that blog article will tell you is that OpenVino starting 2019 R1 is using TBB by default now, not OpenMP.



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Thanks Shubha, I'm aware of the 2019 release and I will give it a try later those days, but for this particular work I need to stick with 2018 R3 for a couple of reasons.

Can you help me with those questions about affinity? Thanks

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