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EDTDT package issues


Hello all, 

The text on the intel website 

EDTDT package contains the CLI, python library, and Test Module Interfaces. The CLI tool launches various test modules corresponding to the package. The test modules in scope are Vision test and Intel® Vision Accelerator Test Suite. The test module/test suites are dependencies for the EDTDT CLI execution and are downloaded by the Edge Software Hub CLI onto the target system.

EDTDT package and its test module dependencies will be enlisted in the edgesoftware-configuration.xml when the customer selects the option. ESH CLI will use the same mechanism to download and install the EDTDT components and test suite onto the target system with the other package components.

The test modules interact with the EDTDT CLI through a common test module interface layer (TMI). EDTDT generates a complete test report in html and pdf formats, along with detailed logs packaged as one zip file, which the customer can manually choose to email to the ESH support team.


Can we choose our test module?

Can we remove Intel Vision Accelerator Test Suite?  Will it cause any problems?






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