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Installation error using LSW



I am trying to Install a use case on LSW. I've used Ubuntu 18.04, or 20,.. all the three versions available from MS Store. Every time I get this error:

System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.
Failed to create bus connection: Host is down
System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.
Failed to create bus connection: Host is down
unable to initialize libusb: -99
pcilib: Cannot open /proc/bus/pci
lspci: Cannot find any working access method.
/dev/mem: No such file or directory
/dev/mem: No such file or directory


and after that:

--------Succesfuly installed prerequisites--------
All dependencies met
Unsupported OS. Please check your OS version


When I use Ubuntu18.04, I get this:

[589] Error loading Python lib '/tmp/_MEIKKWURa/': dlopen: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /tmp/_MEIKKWURa/


GLIBC_2.29 is the latest that works with  Ubuntu18.04.

Any suggestion?



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What ESH product is this referring to? EII, ECI, or something else?


Also, do you mean WSL, Windows Subsystem for Linux? I had a quick look at it and it appears to offer a GNU/Linux environment where you can issue Linux commands, interact with files in a Linux fashion, run Linux scripts, etc. However, it's still on top of Windows, so it unlikely has the init process running with PID=1, probably doesn't have commands such as lsusb and lspci, and likely doesn't virtualize memory as /dev/mem, etc.


Are you able to have a native Linux environment or a Linux virtual machine?


Hi Jia-Shing,


I am actually an Intel employee and need to make this work to be able to demo use cases to customers.

I tried to install VM on my Windows 10 laptop, but the system became extremely slow. I was told to try WSL but keep getting errors. I was able to overcome bellow problem, however it is now complaining about the docker.

I need someone in Intel to walk me through computer/OS/HW details needed to run at least one example on my laptop with no issue. If this is a challenge for me, imagine how new customers are going to feel.

Could you suggest someone I can contact? I am based in the Bay Area!


Here is my email:





Hi Layla,

Windows 10 has built-in virtualization capabilities with Hyper-V, If you have enough memory, a Linux VM should be able to run fairly well to demonstrate basic EII reference use cases. With that said, I haven't tried this on the IT build. I personally do my EII work on VMs but it's hosted separately.

I recall there are demo kits available from Demo Depot that demonstrates representative EII use cases, if running the demo on physical devices is an option for you.

I'll hook you up with ISD contacts in the States so they can help you more timely.