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Is it required to have static IP address to connect CSL server and client nodes?


I have two physical devices node1 and node2.

node1 - we have set up as CSL manager and also same is used for CSL server

node2  -CSL client

Both devices are in same network, but network is home broadband, where IP address keeps changing.

On the day we installed setup, we could list the server in manager list, but on next day we could not see it in the list.

So my question is, is it required to have static IP to the network?

If not, how can we make sure everytime it configures IP properly?

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That’s a great question! Thank you for asking it.
I agree with you that both this server IP address AND the loader balancer virtual IP address need to be static. Here are the reasons:

1. The scenario you encountered.
2. If you are behind a proxy server, CSL nodes need to be added to the noproxy list to avoid communication issues among the nodes. Having static IP addresses removes the need to manually change the settings each time addresses change.
3. Remember the virtual IP address you needed to provide during the server setup? Once it’s configured, the server device responds to ARP inquiries for both the IP address the device itself is assigned and this virtual IP address that it is configured with. It it’s not static and reserved, imagine what would happen if this address is later assigned to a different node? Two nodes with an identical address will reside on the same network.
4. In the network administration world, when we talk about servers, they are usually, if not always, assigned static IP addresses.

I provided feedback to the engineering team. Hopefully, the document will be updated in a future release.
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