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Issue with current EII 3.0.1 in leveraging AMX optimization on 4th Gen Intel Xeon(Sapphire Rapids)



System information (version)
EII => 3.0.1
Operating System => Ubuntu 20.04
Problem classification => INFO


Detailed description
The version of OpenVINO (2021.4) in the latest version of EII does not support execution of inference with AMX optimization on 4th Gen Xeon . Is it possible to update OpenVINO version to 2022.3 on EII - Video Analytics module? If yes, Please guide us on the steps.
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Hi sagi-scalers-ai,


Thanks for reaching out! Edge Insights for Industrial has not been validated with OpenVINO 2022.3.0. I can submit a feature request for the development team to consider upgrading the OpenVINO version.


That being said, you can try to update the OPENVINO_IMAGE variable by modifying the .env file under <installation location>/edge_insights_industrial/Edge_Insights_for_Industrial_3.0.1/IEdgeInsights/build. You will also need to update a couple of Dockerfiles to update the new location of the OpenVINO as it has changed in newer releases. The new location is /opt/intel/openvino/ Previously, it was /opt/intel/OpenVINO/bin/


Once the variable has been updated, run python3 in the build directory followed by the commands shown in the output.


Also, in the latest release of OpenVINO, OpenCV is no longer included. This will require you to update the Dockerfiles to include OpenCV. There may be additional changes needed to update the OpenVINO version on EII.


Hope this helps!