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Waveform simulation not working. Need remote session.



I just want to let you know that my waveform simulation for Intel FPGA ModelSim 19.1 is not working well. It does not display an output, and the View Wave command is not working to display the Intel FPGA ModelSim 19.1. I need a remote session so that someone can take over my screen and fix the waveform simulation for ModelSim 19.1 Intel FPGA. I might need a remote session whether it is tomorrow, or any soon day. I know that no matter how hard I tried, and my VHDL files are compiling well, but the waveform simulation is not working or displaying a black output graph. I really need help with this so I can finish certain projects. Please let me know how I could get virtual help through a remote session, so that the waveform simulation output shows and that the VHDL output waveform simulation graph is displayed with output signals. Thank you. Roshaan S.



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