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SimLab Composer 2015 "making embree accessible"


SimLab Soft announces the release of SimLab Composer 2015.

SimLab Composer 2015 presents a complete redesign of SimLab Composer, the new design focuses on lowering the barrier for new and current users to take advantage of the full capabilities of SimLab Composer. The new version introduces a workbench based GUI allowing the user to focus on the current task.

The new interface the makes it very easy even for beginners to take full advantage of embree renderer, the new interface support using the mouse, Space navigator and  touch screens, our hope is to go next to Intel's real scene.

By utilizing embree renderer SimLab Composer was tested to work great on high end to low end machines with atom processors and basic video cards.

SimLab Composer 2015 is available in English, French, German, and Japanese, The new version is supported on Windows and Mac, and is ready for download at the following link



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