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INTEL EN5322QI abnormal of X-ray inspection


Hello Members,

We bought 3000pcs EN5322QI products(2000pcs datecode 2133 assembled in THAILAND and 1000pcs datecode 2133 assembled in MALAYSIA). During the X-ray inspection before use, we found that the products made in Thailand have problems with solder balls & abnormal of bonding wire  & less wires.please see the attachment of detailed information.
Please help to confirm whether the products have problems and can be used?
Thanks and Best regards
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Curious if I am seeing similar issue.

You stated Thailand and date code of 2133.


I do not have the package labelling and only have access to the lot and code on the part.

SGH02C / H133

I assume the 02 + 1 is 2021 and week 33? 

The C = the change from gold to copper wire


I am going to be doing some xray inspection as well, one preliminary showed loose bonding wires similar to your THAILAND, and definitely looks to be a solder ball around the inductor as well. What failure modes were experienced? 

With strange symptoms like processor JTAG degradation, or scan path failure, to kernel reboots post firmware loads. I assume I am experiencing potential current throttling causing unintended operation/functionality. Very interesting find


There is much appreciation and respect for sharing your findings.

Best Regards


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