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Installation and Licensing that’s includes Intel Quartus® Prime software, ModelSim* - Intel FPGA Edition software, Nios® II Embedded Design Suite on Windows or Linux operating systems.
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Edit: It seems I can download it now. Not sure what changed.. I can't download Quartus II Web Edition - Keeps going to sign in page even though I'm signed in and have access already (supposedly)


Edit: It seems I can download it now. Not sure what changed..

For some reason, I can't delete this 'question' though. It gives me a large error when I try. Cute. The error:

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I just bought a DE0-Nano Development board and need the Quartus II software to program it but can't download it no matter what I try. I made an Intel Account, I registered to have access to the FPGA tools/etc, and I went to the download center. Every time I click the software I want to download, it goes to a sign in page. I'm already signed in but try to sign in.. further.. and it says incorrect username/password. And after 10 attempts, it locks the account for 10 mins. This makes zero sense.


The first screenshot is an email confirming I have access. At least, I thought. Does the Quartus II Web Edition fall under Intel FPGA Program Online Tools??? ("Welcome - Thank you for your interest in the Intel® FPGA Program.

You now have access to the Intel® FPGA Program online tools, technical content, and resources.") <- It says this but I seem to access to absolutely nothing.


The second and third screenshots are the software I'm trying to download and the page it keeps going to every time I click to download.


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Hi Matthew,


Did you solved the issue already on your side? as (Edit: It seems I can download it now. Not sure what changed). Try to use different browser or disable any ad-blocker if you have it. Let me know how it goes.




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It did eventually let me "login" and download. I didn't do anything different so I really don't know why it wasn't working for so long at first.

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