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How to get a license for older version of Quartus software? I am trying to program a Cyclone II FPGA. Therefore, I am using Altera Quartus II version 13.0 for this task. But I need a license file for the Quartus II to work properly.


Due to covid19 pandemic we have the current term entirely online. To help our students with FPGA learning, we decided to re-activate some old Altera DE2 boards that we had already retired!


I am currently in the middle of an educational task development for our undergrad students, and need to test my code on Altera DE2 board. I filled out a license request form, and received the following message right after submitting the request, but no e-mail from showed up in my mailbox.


"Thank you for choosing the Quartus® II Web Edition development software. A license file enabling your free Quartus II Web Edition software will be emailed to you within 24 hours."


Could you please send me get a license file for this older generation of hardware and software?


Thank you


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Welcome to INTEL forum. Apologize for the inconvenience. Based on my understanding, Quartus Web Edition is a free version and don’t require license. You can refer license requirements for various Intel FPGA software tools to this link  

Please continue with the compilations and report to us back if the compilation is not successful with error message.

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