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How to renew floating license for Altera Quartus Prime Lite



we have Altera Quartus Prime Lite. We changed physical server = we changed MAC address.

Our license for old NIC is:


Floating Server License

Primary Machine Name-F8B156DD0BCC

Primary Machine ID-Host ID F8B156DD0BCC

SERVER 001a4a16017f 2200


Can you please renew license for our new NIC which is: 56:6f:90:16:00:15

Floating Server License

SERVER 566f90160015 2200


I tried to renew our license through Self-Service Licensing Center, but this way doesn't work. I cant register Altera Quartus Prime Lite on, if I have just MAC and ID and not serial number.

Thank you


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Welcome to INTEL forum. Software and IP licenses can be transferred to a different PC by going to the Create New License section on the Self-Service Licensing Center by license admin only.   (Licensing Center Home) 

Rehosting step,

Step 1: Click the Self Service Licensing Center link

Step 2: Select Computers and License Files tab

Step 3: Select the Host ID to change by clicking the pencil icon in the Update Computer


Step 4: Change the Host ID or any field value displayed on the screen. However, a change of

Host ID will only be considered as re-host.

Step 5: Click Submit button


Guidance:   --> Rehosting Your License Demo