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Logging into Intel® FPGA Self-Service Licensing Center


I cannot log into the Intel® FPGA Self-Service Licensing Center (SSLC). I can go to the page Home (, and then click on, "Already enrolled ? - Sign In here." This brings up something to sign into Azure. I type my email in, and then I get an error shown in the attachment.

I could log in a little over a month ago before they changed to the Azure log in, and I have licenses. However, now I cannot access my licenses because I cannot log in. I created a support ticket with Intel, and they responded with what is below.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, your query reached Developer Zone support. The developer community and our tech experts provide this product's support only in the public forum. You can post your query in the below-mentioned link to get further assistance."

Now, I am posting in here. How can I get my licenses if I cannot even log into the SSLC?

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Welcome to Intel forum. For login issue please fill in form below   

For more regarding sign in/login to Intel account issue:

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