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Older Altera license lost, new activation necessary


My Altera Q13 license is lost. This is due to a change to Windows 10 AND that I’m not able to access the old Altera license center. I need a license as I'm using IP-cores such as FIR compliler and I need Q13 for my Cyclone III project.

I have my old Windows2000 PC in the laboratory (where Quartus up to V7.2 is running) and I’ve made a screen dump of the license running there. As far as I remember I was able to use exactly this license on my Windows7 PC when connecting the Software Guide. I hope you can identify the license I have. Can you generate a license when I send you the NIC ID and/or drive serial number of my Windows10 PC? Important for me is that I can use Quartus 13.1 with the shown IP-cores on Cyclone III FPGA.


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Welcome to Intel forum. For further checking kindly advise the following.


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You can also reply/attach your file in private message.


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