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Quartus II Web 13.0.x Asking for license file


I am in need of modifying an 4 year old FPGA project (hobby project) that uses the Cyclone II FPGA. I have installed Quartus II 13.0.x Web Edition on Ubuntu 18.04. After some udev rules and installing missing libraries, everything works except for ModelSim which is asking for a license. About show I am using the 64 bit web edition which I though did not need a license? I am not using any proprietary IP in my design. I can use a new version of Quartus II as they do not support the Cyclone II chip. Any ideas on how to solve this? Where to look for more info on why Quartus web is asking for a license file? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Welcome to INTEL forum. May I know, are there any error? Could you provide the error message report.