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Quartus installation appears to complete properly but opening any Quartus program fails to launch with "unable to load" various .dll failures


I have tried installing Prime Pro 18, 19.1 and the Programmer only on Win 10 several times. I've even reimaged a fresh install of Win 10 to try to resolve this failure. No matter which version I install the failure is similar:


"Can't open dockable window -- can't load library "prj_pjnq.dll". The specified module could not be found."


when launching the Prime Pro suite or:


"Can't open editor -- can't load library "pgm_pgmwq.dll". The specified module could not be found."


when launching just the programmer.


My best guess is that some dependency is somehow missing from the base install of Win 10 Pro. This failure is 100% reproducible on my system- HP EliteDesk 800 G5 Desktop Mini with an Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz; 16GB memory and a 512GB SSD. I'm at an impasse on resolving this and getting Quartus to function, any help would be very much appreciated.

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Could you try to disable your antivirus software and launch Quartus as an administrator?


I'm an Intel employee so I can't disable the antivirus but I have launched Quartus as admin and it still fails the same way.


Do you able to find the prj_pjnq.dll & pgm_pgmwq.dll files in your quartus/bin64 installation folder?


Could you install the latest Quartus Pro version 19.4 and check again?