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What are the advantages of purchasing a license for Quartus Prime Standard?


Good morning

I wonder if you would be able to help as I need to justify the cost of the licence for the Quartus Prime Standard product for when my renewal comes around.

- I am unable to update to 20.1, as Intel have dropped support for DSP Builder for the 'Standard' product.

- I must continue to support legacy equipment containing the Stratix IV FPGA, therefore I cannot use the 'PRO' product.

- As I understand it, I am only able to access support via the forums in the same manner as anyone using a free version of Quartus.

As I cannot upgrade, and I am not able to access premier support, would you be able to help me to justify why I should be paying for a licence fee for the Quartus Prime Standard product?

Many thanks for your assistance

Best regards


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Hi Simon,

You may take a look into the comparison

Looking into your device use Stratix IV, you may have to purchase the license for STD. Lite do not support this device.



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Good morning

Thank you for replying, unfortunately the information provided does not help with my question.

I already pay for a floating licence for the Quartus standard product and DSP Builder. I have no choice other than to purchase the standard licence as I must support Stratix IV.

The licences are perpetual, therefore if I did not pay to renew my licence next year I could continue to work uninterrupted and save my employer a significant fee.

My question is how to justify to my employer the advantages of paying the licence fee.

1) As described above, the licence fee does not give access to the premier support channel.

2) I am unable to upgrade above Q19.1 STD due to the reason listed above.

Are you able to advise on the advantages of paying for a licenced product?

Best regards