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Ask for help with Altera Monitor Program

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​hello every body, 

iam working on the tutorial: introduction to altera Qsys tool, and using the 

Altera monitor program with DE0 to download the programm into the board, but 

i obtain these errors after compile and load action: 


Possible causes for the SREC verification failure: 

1. Not enough memory in your Nios II system to contain the SREC file. 

2. The locations in your SREC file do not correspond to a memory device. 

3. You may need a properly configured PLL to access the SDRAM or Flash 



So can any one help me please 

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DE0-Nano, DE0-Nano-SoC, or just DE0? 

In Qsys, how large did you make your on-chip-memory (I believe default is 4096 bytes)? 

Did you use the simple program given in the tutorial, or a more complex one? If you did  

not change the defaults, you will have a small amount of memory to load your program, and it may not fit in memory (Item 1 in the list). 


Did you ensure that the base address of your on chip memory is 0x00? If did not lock the on-chip memory to that base address (In Qsys) and then  

selected assign base addresses, the base for the on-chip memory will likely not be 0x00.
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