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Avalon interface for FIR filter

Honored Contributor II

Hi, my project is to design a 5-tap FIR filter. i have already completed the control unit,datapath unit, and also combined them. Now my task is to design an avalon interface for it. 


The problem is i dont know what should i do, and what is the need for the avalon interface :confused: 


Here i attached my codes, i really need some help in order to proceed........... 


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Honored Contributor II

Well I don't know either. You are suggesting that then asking us why you want to... 

Anyway from FIR perspective I assume an avalon IF will help to update coeffs if that is a requirement or to send input/receive output. 

So choose your task.
Honored Contributor II

does all the input and output for the cu/du top level need to be interfaced with the avalon IF? And what are things i need to write inside the verilog code? Thanks....