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Corrupt Hash USB Blaster Install

I ran into a strange issue when trying to install USB Blaster on the computers at my school (Yes, I had an administrator enter their password so I could make changes). 


I went through the same process I did on my home computer to install the driver, Device Manager --> Other devices --> USB Blaster/properties --> Update driver --> Browse my computer for driver software --> then selected C:\altera\11.1\quartus\drivers\USB-Blaster 


It worked on my home computer, but on these 6 computers, each of them found the driver, but could not install due to  

some Corrupted Hash file. (sorry, I don't have the error message on hand) 


Has anyone else encountered this issue? :confused: 


Thanks in advance!
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you can go to device manager, right click and "update for driver software".  

Remember to tick delete existing file. 

Then map the same path for the driver C:\altera\11.1\quartus\drivers\USB-Blaster. 


Or you can download the latest usb blaster here 

hope this helps. 


(This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation)
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