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DE1 Board Capabilities

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i bought a DE1 board for univ - engineering. i have a project due later on at the end of the year. anyway my question is: 


what kind of things can i do with this board? 


its literally just sitting there taking up space. 

I haven't learned how to program it yet (tho i will be learning Verilog and i have Quartus II installed and tested). I want to program it to do something. And not just another pong game. something useful. maybe real-world applications. But i wouldn't know where to start or what this board can do. I know this thing has an FPGA which can be reprogrammed and such.  

But, for example, can i use this thing to: 

-wirelessly control robots 

-detect movement in my room 


In short, what useful real-world applications can i do with a de1 board?
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Hello I'm new too with this BOARD but you's awesome look