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DE2-115 / TRDB-D5M VHDL how to get image data from the D5M camera?


I am a college student in embedded systems and automation and was tasked to make a robot using a DE2-115 FPGA board and TRDB-D5M camera.

Now I'm trying to let the camera output a data-stream to the FPGA to analyse the data of a single image. I have been searching the web for some code that can use as inspiration or example for my task, but have so far been unsuccessful in finding any code that i can read and use to help my project.

I have found some usefull data sheets for when i finaly get the camera working so i need no help there.

finally I can only read a few programing language's: C, java, python, uCos, batch, processing and VHDL. THIS MEANS I DON'T UNDERSTAND VERILOG and don't start with the "verilog and vhdl look alike" i can not for the life of me understand that anlien language

so pleas help me with vhdl code to let the camera output there data-stream

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Hi, I advise you to find the suitable example for your application here: You can search for camera, video streaming and etc. There are a lot of examples Also I am advising you to look for the mSGDMA IP with NIOS II. this will help you to stream data or to receive a stream data and store it. Regards,
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