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DE2-70 :use ssram as vga buffer

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recently i want to drive my de2-70 board's ssram as a vga buffer ,but it seems that to made this ssram control is not easy(not as easy as in de2 board ), is anyone can give me some suggests? or have done some relevant job? 


the problem i meet is :  

1 when i put the image data into ssram and when i output data from ssram to vga controller ?cause it can't 

read or write in the same time. 


2 i saw the ssram need a clk , how can i deal with the_input_data_clk , the_output_data_clk?:confused:
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Take a look at modular sgdma example (msgdma). 


RAM needs clock of the system. Whatever it is. So synchronize Your data to the system clock.
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