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DSP builder blocks for simulink models

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Does anyone know how to use DSP builder blocks(input and output blocks) in simulink model......

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Please give an specificer description of your problem.

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I want to convert this above simulink model to vhdl by using dsp builder blocks (top part is simulink and down part is with dsp builder blocks). 


In this model 'p' is a square matrix (for example 4x4 matrix). 'p1' is column vector (4x1 matrix). Subtract each column of P from p1. Calculate the norm 2. 


Then I got a vector of column vector (4x1).After this step i want to calculate the minimum value and corresponding index in this column vector. 


Here out1 stores the index value. Finally i want to display that index value in lcd display on altera DE2 kit. 


one more thing is that i am also facing problems with configuration parameter settings (stop time) could you please check and specify that also... 


Do you know any other methods to convert the simulink model into VHDl code...if so please specify those methods and the steps that i need to follow..... 


Anyways thanks for your reply....