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Device Driver example in Altera Monitor Program - BSP creation failure

Honored Contributor II

I was trying to create the Device Driver example for the DE2 Media Computer, which uses media_HAL.c and I include the Altera_UP_Avalon_Audio_sw.tcl script for BSP creation. 


However, when I compile the design in the Monitor Program, I get the following error: 


SEVERE: nios2-bsp-create-settings failed. 

SEVERE: Tcl script "Altera_UP_Avalon_Audio_sw.tcl " failed: invalid command name "create_driver" 


I'm not entirely sure why create_driver is considered an invalid command, since it is definitely a viable command. I also made sure the command precedes all others in the script, although I assume the syntax would be correct since it is an Altera provided script.  


Any help with solving this would be greatly appreciated.
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Honored Contributor II

What version of Quartus/Nios build tools are you using?