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FSM with LCD Controller

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Hello.. Can anyone guide me in creating a state machine for LCD controller. Input is keyboard, and when a key is pressed it is shown on LCD, and the next key pressed is shown on LCD next to the first key pressed. This is what I got so far, but this one doesn't work properly. What is essential for building a FSM for this purpose? 

Im using DE2 and Quartus. 


type statetype is (POS0, POS1, POS2, POS3, POS4, POS5, POS6, POS7, POS8, POS9, POS10, POS11, POS12, POS13, POS14, POS15); 

signal statepos, nextstate: statetype; 


process(clk, wEn)  

variable count : integer range 0 to 3; 


if (clk'event and clk='1') then 

if (wEn='1') then 

count := count + 1; 

if (count = 3) then 

statepos <= nextstate; 

count := 0; 

end if; 

end if; 

end if; 

end process; 



-- next state logic 

process (statepos, lcdcharcode) begin 

case statepos is 


when POS0 => charRAM(0) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS1; 


when POS1 => charRAM(1) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS2; 


when POS2 => charRAM(2) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS3; 


when POS3 => charRAM(3) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS4; 


when POS4 => charRAM(4) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS5; 


when POS5 => charRAM(5) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS6; 


when POS6 => charRAM(6) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS7; 


when POS7 => charRAM(7) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS8; 


when POS8 => charRAM(8) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS9;  


when POS9 => charRAM(9) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS10; 


when POS10 => charRAM(10) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS11; 


when POS11 => charRAM(11) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS12; 


when POS12 => charRAM(12) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS13; 


when POS13 => charRAM(13) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS14; 


when POS14 => charRAM(14) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS15; 


when POS15 => charRAM(15) <= lcdcharcode; 

nextstate <= POS0;  


when others => nextstate <= POS0; 

end case; 

end process;
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Please do net multipost your question. 


I don't see any key input in your module. Besides, the code could be replaced by a simple counter. 

Do you really need to store all characters in a RAM? What kind of LCD is it?
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