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Help with UART core

Honored Contributor II

Hi, I'm not sure if i placed this topic here correctly. Well anyway, i need help. So I was able to make codes for NIOS II that will receive serial signals from my hyperterminal to the Altera DE2 board. Once I enter a character from my keyboard, the data will be sent to the board and will display the character in the console by printf. I have an ID-20 RFID reader, I tested it in the hyperterminal as well and it is working just fine and is displaying the ID of the card. But the error occurs when i try to interface the RFID reader in the DE2 board. Whenever a card is scanned, the RXD LED from the board doesn't even light. Any suggestions what I should do? I tried to turn on and off the CTS/RTS control flow in the SOPC builder in Quartus II.

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Honored Contributor II

Do you use a null modem adapter to properly route the Tx and Rx signals in the tests you tried. My gut feeling tells me that if you connected the DE2 to a PC with hyperterminal and you connected the RFID reader to the PC with hyperterminal then you would need to cross the Tx and Rx signals when connecting the RFID to the DE2.