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IP core for VGA controller for DE1 board

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Hi I have a DE1 Board . i have installed quartus 7.2 in that there is no such explicit ip core for vga controller. 

And can i use a third party ip core for vga controller for the same board  

please help me... 


Also as i went through the schematics of DE1 board there is no seperate VGA DAC IC on board as in DE2 Board. what i think is just they have implemented a 4bit binary weighted DAC. So how do i scale down the 9 bit RGB values which are o/p from VGA Controller IP to 4bit values? 


please can i get an example code for the above.
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There is an example om my download web page into a resolution 640x480 pixels. 

The full project is here ( This file is an archive file, so restore it and program the DE1, connect an VGA monitor to the VGA connector. 

More examples are on my web but the hardware is for an other FPGA board. Web is here ( 


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I need to use project VGA to have SOPC .You can help me?